20 Breaking Bad Memes From The Oustanding Drama

20 breaking bad memes from the oustanding drama

Breaking Bad is one of the best and exhilarating drama series of all time. It depicts the struggle of a Walt, Chemistry teacher who was struck with cancer. Life takes a twist when he partners up with Jesse, his former high school student turned drug dealer and amateur meth producer.

As the series progresses, we see Walt’s transition from being a normal family man into becoming a drug kingpin, and Jesse’s struggle to have a semblance of a normal life.

As serious as the show may seem, it is chock full of very funny moments. In fact, we’ve collected a few memes to prove it. Enjoy!

When The Airport Security Is Telling You

breaking bad airport security meme

Clears My Browser History

breaking bad browser history meme

When You Don’t Have Health Insurance

breaking bad cancer meme

Mr. White He’s The Devil

breaking bad devil meme

Stay For Dinner

breaking bad dinner meme

Me After The End Of Breaking Bad

breaking bad ending meme

My Grandma To Me

breaking bad grandma meme

What Do You Get

breaking bad heysexe meme

When You’re Trying To Explain

breaking bad knock knock jokes meme

He’s The Devil

breaking bad lucifer meme

One Thing I Learned

breaking bad learned meme

I Think I’ve Just Figured Out

breaking bad mcdonalds secret sauce meme

The Moral Of Breaking Bad

breaking bad pay teachers more meme

Wanna Hear A Joke

breaking bad perfect ending meme

When You Did 20 Minutes Of Actual Work

breaking bad rich meme

Oh My God

breaking bad santa meme

Totally Screwed

breaking bad saul meme

When Your Friend Tells You

breaking bad tagging memes meme

People With Their Shitty Memes

breaking bad territory meme

Women Love Men

breaking bad women love meme

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