20 Big Bang Theory Memes For Cool Nerds

20 big bang theory memes for cool nerds

Are you a fan of the Big Bang Theory show? If yes, then that would be you and a million other viewers who fell in love with these adorable nerds with the funniest and oftentimes dorky and weird sense of humor.

There’s romantic experimental physicist Leonard, the obsessive compulsive theoretical physicist Sheldon, aerospace engineer Howard with the loud clothes, Raj the astrophysicist who cannot talk to women, and finally sweet Penny who might just have the most common sense out of a group of Caltech scientists.

If you want to get some laughs from memes about funny smart folks, then these Big Bang Theory memes are perfect for you.


Astronomy Exam

big bang theory astronomy memes

That Awkward Moment

big bang theory awkward moment memes

I Don’t Always Joke

big bang theory bazzinga memes

Are You Full Of Beryllium

big bang theory beautiful memes

It’s Your Birthday

big bang theory birthday memes

When It’s 3am

big bang theory cliffhanger memes

Your Crush Walks By

big bang theory friend memes

You Can’t Make A Half Sandwich

big bang theory half sandwich memes

Hey Girl

big bang theory hey girl memes

One Does Not Simply

big bang theory intro memes

Show About Nerds

big bang theory nerds memes

Not Sure If Sheldon Cooper Really Is A Genius

big bang theory not sure memes

When You’re Halfway Through A Book

big bang theory plot twist memes

Today We’ll Build Some Robots

big bang theory robots memes

Love Is In The Air

big bang theory sheldon love memes

One Does Not Simply Sit

big bang theory sheldons spot memes

When Someone Tries To Explain

big bang theory star wars memes


big bang theory waitress memes

In What Universe

big bang theory what universe memes

Don’t You Think

big bang theory wrong memes

Share a Big Bang Theory meme today. If you have a friend who hasn’t watched it yet, you’ll be doing them a huge favor.

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