20 BBQ Becky Memes: A Cautionary Tale

20 bbq becky memes a cautionary tale

On April 29, 2018, Jennifer Schulte, a white woman, called the police on a group of black people having a barbecue at Lake Merritt. She proceeded to tell how they were not allowed to barbecue there, that she owned the park, and that they would go to jail. A passersby defended the group and tension increased until the police came.

Because of so much fuss over a barbecue grill (on a bbq-designated area, no less), netizens have dubbed this lady as BBQ Becky. Check out these BBQ Becky memes.

Hello Is This The Meme Police

bbq becky black cat memes

Hello Police

bbq becky black panthers memes

They Cancelled Rosanne

bbq becky cancelled rosanne memes

Yes They Said Chasing Waterfalls

bbq becky chasing waterfalls memes

When Grey Worm And Missandei Roll Up Into Winterfell

bbq becky grey worm missandei memes

Hello 911

bbq becky hello 911 memes

Hello God

bbq becky hello god memes

Hello I’d Like To Report Black People Minding Their Own Business

bbq becky minding their business memes

That’s Right I Said A Tan Suit

bbq becky obama memes

Hello Police

bbq becky raccoon memes

When Nobody Eats Your Raisin Potato Salad

bbq becky raisin potato salad memes

Hi Oakland Police

bbq becky raisins in the potato salad memes

Rapper T. I. Was Arrested While Trying To Get Into His Own Home

bbq becky rapper t i memes

Black People Bbqing

bbq becky reason to call the police memes

Hello Police

bbq becky report a disturbance memes

Hi I’d Like To Report A Graduation

bbq becky report a graduation memes

Hello 911

bbq becky shout outs memes

Hello Police

bbq becky smurfs memes

Yes I See A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

bbq becky sweet tea memes

When You Call The Avengers

bbq becky wakanda memes

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