20 Barack Obama Memes That Show His Sense Of Fun

20 barack obama memes that show his sense of fun

Barack Obama is many things to many people depending on who you talk to. Some would say he’s one of the most personable presidents the US has ever had. His antis would say otherwise and bring up certain issues of the Obama presidency.

Sadly, Obama has had many obstacles while in presidency and no president can ever be perfect. Having said all of that, the first ever African American president of the United States still remains one of the most dignified and classiest presidents in history, and one of the funniest, too.

Check out these funny Obama memes to see a glimpse of his sense of humor.

Barack Obama

barack obama anyone got time for him memes

The Biggest Presidential Scandal

barack obama biggest presidential scandal memes

Bro Fist Level

barack obama bro fist level memes

Christie Be Honest

barack obama christie memes

The Coolest American President Ever

barack obama coolest president memes

Don’t Discuss Titanic With Joe

barack obama di caprio memes

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

barack obama doesnt matter who you are memes

Obama Is The Ex That Shows Up After Hearing Things Aren’t Working Out

barack obama ex memes

Obama Is That One Ex That Still Gets Invited To All The Family Events

barack obama gets invited memes

Hello Dog

barack obama hello dog memes

President Obama

barack obama how he really is memes

I’m Sorry

barack obama im sorry memes

When You’re So Cool

barack obama meet the president memes

Not Bad

barack obama not bad memes

When Someone Tags You In A Meme

barack obama tags memes

My Toast Got Burnt This Morning

barack obama thanks memes

We Need A Stronger President

barack obama the rock memes

Troll Level

barack obama troll level memes

Should I Wake This Guy Up

barack obama wake this guy up memes

Even If Your Father’s The President

barack obama your dad memes

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