20 Annoying Facebook Girl Memes That Will Make You Swear Off Facebook

20 annoying facebook girl memes that will make you swear off facebook

Can you think of anything worse than Facebook? Not really.

We follow and are followed by relatives we wish we weren’t related to by blood. We see friends living it up in a spa in the Alps. We can only look at all the delicious food other people are eating while we snack on a tired McDonald’s burger.

But wait. It gets worse. It gets a whole lotta worse if you have Annoying Facebook Girl as a mutual.

Check out these Annoying Facebook Girl memes and see if you have anyone on your friends list like that.

Cries About Broken Heart

Enters Love Quotes About Finding True Love

Friend Leaves Account Open

Gets Dumped By Boyfriend

Gets Into Fight With Best Friend

Going To Starbucks With My Friends

Go Out With Friends

Go To Party And Take Hundreds Of Photos

Has One Drink For Entire Night

I’m Giving up Facebook For Lent

Like Own Status

OMG Five People Want To Hack My Facebook

I Hate Attention Whores

Gotta Post Something On Your Wall

Openly Brags About Using Guys In Her ‘Friend Zone’

Post Philosophical Quote

Says She’s A Vegetarian

Tags You In A Picture

Upload A New Profile Picture

Write Personal Problems In Status

Want to complain about your FB friend? Send out an annoying Facebook girl meme today.

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