18 Worst Ever Comic Book Guy Memes

18 worst ever comic book guy memes

If you’ve been paying attention to somebody other than Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, then you might have had the pleasure of appreciating the fine-edged humor of the Comic Book Guy aka Jeff Albertson. Running a comic book shop with a thesis on Lord of the Rings, he is the rather exaggerated and quintessential representation of all comic book guys all around the world.

Check out all his profundities in these worst ever comic book guy memes.

It’s Like I’m DC Comics And You’re Marvel

comic book guy dc and marvel meme

And Now I’m Going To Just Lay In Bed And Eat Fruit Roll Ups

comic book guy defeat meme

How To Make Friends

comic book guy final frontier meme

Worst Fortune Cookie Ever

comic book guy fortune cookie meme

Game Of Thrones

comic book guy game of thrones meme

Worst Halftime Show Ever

comic book guy halftime show meme

No Mention Of Aliens Or Reptilian Hierarchy In The Textbook

comic book guy history class meme

Worst Service Ever

comic book guy internet service meme

Last Night’s Itchy & Scratchy Was Without A Doubt The Worst Episode Ever

comic book guy itchy and scratchy meme

Is There A Word In Klingon For Loneliness

comic book guy klingon meme

Life Well Spent

comic book guy life meme

I’ve Spent My Entire LIfe Doing Nothing But Collecting Comic Books

comic book guy life well spent meme

We Are Hardly Nerds

comic book guy nerds meme

There’s No Emoticon For What I’m Feeling

comic book guy no emoticon meme

Handwritten Script For Star Wars By George Lucas

comic book guy star wars meme

That Person Who Reads Your Meme

comic book guy too much time meme

Worst Year Ever

comic book guy worst year ever meme

Now We Know What WWE Stands For

comic book guy wwe meme

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