18 Ubiquitous Funny Derp Memes

18 ubiquitous funny derp memes

These faces are the faces of internet history. Derp is one of the oldest memes out there, and it is one ingrained in internet culture even though it really isn’t used that much today. It typically signifies dumb-ness, and it is presented through an extremely cross-eyed expression. The meme exploded on the 4chan, a popular imageboard where everyone posts anonymously, and it is basically where the meme was popularized.

From user-created cartoons, to anime, to live-action shows, derp is ubiquitous in the internet. Make yourself at home, and scroll on to browse a tiny piece of internet history.

Herp Derp Herp Derp Derp

derp all they said memes

Derp Anime Style

derp anime style memes

Dude Here Comes Your Crush

derp crush memes

Girls Let Get Our Cutemarks In Derping

derp cute marks memes

Derping On Your Computer Screen

derp derping like a boss memes


derp dollars memes

I Haz Da Derp

derp i haz memes

C’mon People We Need Mind Rivoting Ideas To Make Derp More Popular

derp ideas memes

How About A Herp Within A Derp

derp inception memes


derp meme

Derp Derp

derp old sport memes

Derp The Sheep

derp the sheep memes

Who Would Win

derp who would win memes

Helm’s Derp

helms derp memes

Herbie Derp

herbie derp memes

Herpin’ The Derp

herpin the derp memes

Me As A Small Derp Walking With Mom

small derp memes


yester derp memes

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