18 Super Adorable Business Baby Memes

18 super adorable business baby memes

Do you know what’s cuter than a toddler? It’s a toddler copying adult mannerisms and habits. In the Business Baby meme, we see an adorable child talking on his phone like a grown-up executive while he spoons up some soggy cereal.

Check out all the witty and hilarious takes on the Business Baby meme. This high-powered exec might be all that but he’s still a babe in diapers.

Change My Lunch Reservation

Do You Know What Phone I’m Calling

Driving A Brand New Power Wheels

I Don’t Care If It’s The CEO

I Don’t Know Why The Square Peg

I Don’t Want To Deal

I Have A Meeting With HR

I’m Afraid We’re Going To Have

I’m Not Signing The Agreement

I Need Someone Qualified For This

Is My Request Clear Enough?

I’ve Been Doing This Half My Life

I Wasn’t Born Yesterday

Let’s Talk Numbers

Money Doesn’t Grow On Tress

Reschedule My 9 O’Clock Meeting

The Box Said “Two Scoops”

You Should See My New Secretary’s Rack

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