18 Relatable Siri Memes For iPhone Users

18 relatable siri memes for iphone users

If you ever want to feel frustration and inability to communicate, all you need to do is to fire up Siri in your iPhone. Siri will be definitely up to the task of misunderstanding simple questions, giving wrong answers, and sending you off to Mars as you try to drive to some unknown destination.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt frustration or hilarity over Siri’s flubs.

Here are some funny Siri memes you should be able to relate to.

I Asked Siri To Call One Of My Friends

Assemble The Avengers

Does Precisely What You Ask

Driving In The Far Left Lane

Not Sure If Siri Fail

How Can You Possibly Hope

How Did You Get Into Siri

Me Talking To Siri This Morning

Siri And Alexa Give Him

Siri Do You Have A Boyfriend

Siri I Love You

Siri Remind Me To Dye My Hair

Siri, Why Am I Single

That Wasn’t What I Thought She’d Say

What Does The Fox Say

When Siri Says “Head Northeast”

When Talking To Siri

When You Ask Siri Something

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