18 No Patrick Memes That Will Have You Wondering About The Universe

18 no patrick memes that will have you wondering about the universe

Have you ever raised your hand to ask a question and gotten a NO for an answer? Yes, that’s exactly the story of Patrick and Squidward right here. You gotta commend Patrick. He has a ton of questions. That’s very commendable. Stereotyped as the stupid character in Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick shows he’s curious about many things.

Squidward, on the other hand, can be credited for his patience in answering Patrick. Although, we sort of disagree on the anchovy and pineapple not being pizza toppings. We know some anchovy and pineapple pizza enthusiasts.

Scroll through our collection of No, Patrick memes and enjoy!

DC And Marvel Comic Don’t Do Crossovers Anymore

no patrick crossovers meme

Is Kung Fu Panda Disney

no patrick kung fu panda meme

Is A MacBook An Instrument

no patrick macbook meme

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument

no patrick mayonnaise an instrument meme

Is Mayonnaise A Programming Language

no patrick mayonnaise meme

Are Memes An Instrument

no patrick memes an instrument meme

No Patrick

no patrick monkey meme

Music Taste Is Not A Personality

no patrick music taste meme

Is Pineapple A Pizza Topping

no patrick pineapple meme

Is Potato An Instrument

no patrick potato meme

Me Raises Hand

no patrick raised hand meme

Rappers Be Like

no patrick rappers meme

You May Not Take A Selfie First

no patrick selfie meme

Squidward Will Senpai Ever Notice Me

no patrick senpai meme

Is Shrek A Religion

no patrick shrek meme

No Patrick

no patrick trombone meme

Windows Are Not Cool

no patrick windows 10 meme

Choking Sasuke

no patrick choking sasuke meme

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