18 Hilarious Look At Me Memes To Show Who’s Captain

18 hilarious look at me memes to show whos captain

If you need a meme showing exactly who’s the new boss, then what you need is oen of these funny look at me memes.

If you watched the movie Captain Philips, an American ship is captured by a band of Somali pirates. Their leader Abduwali Muse boards the ship and tells the captain, “Hey! Look at me. Look at me. I’m the captain now.”  And while it was a huge success both awards-wise and blockbuster-wise, it also became a big hit in the meme world.

Check out what the crazy internet has done with Muse’s iconic lines.

I’m the Bestie Now

look at me bestie meme

Cap’n Crunch

look at me captain crunch meme

Hormones Got Me Like

look at me hormones meme

Look At Me

look at me im the captain meme

I’m The Captain Now

look at me im the captain now meme

I’m Your Boyfriend Now

look at me im your boyfriend now meme

I’m The Little Mermaid Now

look at me little mermaid meme

I’m The Manager Now

look at me manager meme

Now Look At Him

look at me now meme

Look At Me

look at me oooh meme

When Your Parents Leave You In Charge Of Your Siblings

look at me parents leave meme

Since Donald Trump And Everyone Else Can Throw Their Hat In The Ring

look at me running for president meme

I Am The Sleep Schedule Now

look at me sleep schedule meme

Me When The Teacher Disconnects

look at me teacher disconnects meme

When Kid Sits In Teacher’s Chair

look at me teachers chair meme

I’m Your Valentine Now

look at me valentine meme

I’m Vegan Now

look at me vegan meme

You Are One Of Us Now

look at me you are one of us meme

Show who’s boss with these funny look at me memes.

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