18 Funny Redditors Wife Memes

18 funny redditors wife memes

I’m sure a lot of us know about Reddit. For those who don’t use the site much, it’s a site comprised of many different “subreddits” wherein people can start or join in on discussions and comment threads about any and all kinds of topics.

Long-time users are expected to have learned a lot of internet memes and be quite the internet savvy people—so much so that your wife might be disappointed at you due to the sheer amount of culture in-jokes you reference! This leads us to the many, many hilarious things that can be done with this meme as the internet references one can use with it are quite literally endless. Scroll down below to see a ton of great examples demonstrating what we mean.

He’s Arguing Over Politics On Facebook Again

redditors fake account wife

How Could He Still Be Watching #Fakenews

redditors fakenews wife

My Imaginary Ghost

redditors imaginary ghost wife

The Story I’m Already Working On

redditors new book idea wife

Now She’s Asking Him To Wire Money

redditors nigerian royal family wife

It’s 3:00 AM

redditors one more meme wife

When It’s Been Fifteen Minutes But He Won’t Let You Play

redditors play wife

I Asked If We Could Shower Together

redditors wife bubbly fortress

Honey Are You Still Online

redditors wife chatting with aliens


redditors wife downvote fairy

I Told Him I Missed My Period

redditors wife grammar nazi

I Told Him That Maybe If He Spent As Much Time With Me As He Does Staring Imgflip

redditors wife great meme

I Asked If He Could Come To Bed

redditors wife kermit

He Said He Was Going To Do Something Productive On The Computer

redditors wife making memes

I Thought He Was Paying The Bills

redditors wife meme front page

My Dog

redditors wife my dog

I Asked him If He Had Seen My Slippers

redditors wife slippers

I Asked Him Why All The Tissues Were Gone

redditors wife tissues gone

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