18 Funny Priority Peter Memes That Make Calculators Look Cool

Do you know what’s cool? It’s Priority Peter – a seemingly quiet and unassuming guy cradling a calculator – surrounded by beautiful ladies in bikinis. Hilariously, his brain isn’t in the gutter. He’s got a very pure mind that’s occupied by academics and studies.

Scroll through our funny Priority Peter memes and have a good laugh today.

I’ve Got 99 Problems

priority peter 99 problems meme

They Wanted Me To Give Them Something Hard

priority peter differential calculus meme

They Said We Want The D

priority peter gpa meme

There Is Homework To Be Done

priority peter homework meme

I Invented A Way So You Can Close The YouTube App On Your Phone

priority peter invented a way meme

What Did You Do Last Weekend

priority peter last weekend meme

It’s Usually Looks Or Money

priority peter looks or money meme

Sorry Ladies

priority peter no intimate relations meme

No Time For Laughs

priority peter no time for laughs meme

Please Ladies

priority peter please ladies meme

Sorry Ladies

priority peter sorry ladies meme

Notices The Resemblance

priority peter twin prime numbers meme

When You’re On Your Vacations

priority peter vacation meme

Oh You Girls Want Some Lotion

priority peter want some lotion meme

You Ladies Work On Your Tan

priority peter work on tan meme

When You Beat All The Others

priority peter yu gi oh meme

There’s Only One Type Of Bra For Me

priority peter algebra meme

There’s No Time To Mate

priority peter calculate meme

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