18 Funny Joseph Ducreux Memes And His Archaic Rap

18 funny joseph ducreux memes and his archaic rap

Thanks to the magic of the internet, a French portrait artist from the court of Louis XVI of France has been resurrected from the anals of history. Joseph Ducreux is well-known for his notable portraits where he tears down the 4th wall between him and the audience. Add to that some modern rap reworked into archaic words and what you’ve got are these funny Joseph Ducreux memes.

See if you can decode these lyrics.

Compelling Tale

joseph ducreux compelling tale memes

Thou Female Dog

joseph ducreux female dog memes

You Shall Receive It From The Twenty-Fourth Letter Of The Alphabet

joseph ducreux gonna give it to ya memes

I Posess The Moves

joseph ducreux move like jagger memes

Disregard Females

joseph ducreux notorious big memes

I Request That Thou Create A Portrait Of Myself

joseph ducreux portrait of myself memes

Raise Your Hands Into The Air

joseph ducreux raise your hands in the air memes

She Wore A Beret The Colour Of Raspberries

joseph ducreux raspberry beret memes

Gentlemen I Inquire

joseph ducreux released the hounds memes

What ‘Tis The Meaning Of Skulking In My Wetlands

joseph ducreux skulking wetlands memes

Rouse Me From My Slumber Within

joseph ducreux slumber memes

Ample Thespianism Lurketh In The Township Of Long Beach

joseph ducreux snoop canine memes

Which Individual Takes Residence Within Thy Submersed Pineapple

joseph ducreux spongebob memes

Henceforth Thou Art A Child

joseph ducreux thou art a child memes

Glimmer Glitter Small Celestial Body

joseph ducreux twinkle twnkle little star memes

Doubt You The Veracity Of My Words

joseph ducreux uptown funk memes

To Valiantly Venture

joseph ducreux valiantly venture memes

You May Dance If You Fancy It

joseph ducreux you may dance memes

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