18 Funny Glizzy Memes That Will Have You Wanting a Hotdog… or Not

18 funny glizzy memes that will have you wanting a hotdog or not

One of the weirdest things to come out of 2020 is finding out that people call hotdogs glizzy. The next is that Glizzy Gladiators are people who can fit large chunks of hotdogs into their maws.

Should we go around now saying glizzy? Do you like glizzy? What’s your favorite glizzy brand? Do you like your glizzy spicy or with cheese? Are YOU a glizzy gladiator?

Check out all the funny glizzy memes that are abounding now.

Glizzy Cake

glizzy cake memes

Glizzy Dog

glizzy dog memes

Glizzy Earth

glizzy earth memes

Glizzy Eating Da Glizzy

glizzy eating memes

Da Forbidden Glizzy

glizzy forbidden memes

As A Glizzy Gladiator

glizzy gladiator memes

Glizzy Gobbler W/ No Bev

glizzy gobbles memes

A Real Glick Guardian

glizzy guardian memes

Merry Christmas

glizzy mcguire memes

The Glizzy Mobile

glizzy mobile memes

Aye Brah

glizzy pure evil memes

U Have Entered The Glizzy Room

glizzy room memes

Got That Glizzy Split

glizzy split memes

Who Took My Glizzy

glizzy who took memes

You See A Corndog

glizzy with a jacket memes

Long Glizzy

long glizzy memes

Put A Beam On The Glizzy

put a beam glizzy memes

Bet Y’all Never Seen A Vegan Glizzy

vegan glizzy memes

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