18 Funny Bono and U2 Memes

18 funny bono and u2 memes

The pop band icon U2 is many things to many people. If you’re a child of the Eighties, then you probably rocked along to U2 and thought the music unique and edgy. Today though, many millennials and generations after are either ignorant or apathetic of U2 hence some funny memes about the band.

To keep things lighthearted, here are some funny U2 memes that show what people think of the band responsible for the awesome Joshua Tree.

U2 Album Pops Up In iTunes Library

u2 aliens meme

Am I The Only One Around Here Who Likes The U2 Album

u2 am i the only one around here meme

Love U2 Babe

u2 babe meme

It’s A Beautiful Day

u2 beautiful day meme

Loving U2

u2 believing in yourself meme

Stays In The Background Behind The Drums

u2 better looking meme

Brace Yourself

u2 brace yourself meme

Everyone Gets A U2 Album

u2 everyone meme

Oh You’re A U2 Fan

u2 fan meme


u2 first and only meme

People Illegally Download Music Of The Time

u2 free album meme

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

u2 good meme

I Will Find You

u2 i will find you meme

Not Sure If She Loves Me

u2 not sure meme

One Does Not Simply

u2 one does not simply dislike meme

U2: Social Distancing

u2 social distancing meme

I Don’t Always Quote U2 Songs

u2 songs quote meme

U2 Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For

u2 streets have no names meme

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