18 Funny Bender Memes From Futurama

18 funny bender memes from futurama

Hey, Futurama fans! If you’re having a dreary day, what you need are these funny Bender memes.

Bender Bending Rodríguez aka Bender is one of the most interesting characters in the hit show Futurama. One of his iconic one-liners is Kill All Humans although he definitely has a soft spot for bestfriend Philip J. Fry.

His equal opportunity womanizing especially in that episode with the soda machine. His  dislike of magnets and fear of electric can openers are just two of his quirks.

Check out these funny Bender memes!

Baby Yoda Is The Cutest Thing Ever

baby bender meme

My Avatar Party

bender avatar party meme

Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

bender bite my shiny ass meme

Boys Who Cook

bender boys who cook meme

When You’re Watching The News

bender dog being saved meme

How Would You Describe Your Friendship

bender friendship meme

I’ll Start My Own Joke With Blackjack And Hookers

bender joke meme

Oh Wait You’re Serious

bender laugh meme

Our Love Isn’t Any Different From Yours

bender love meme

Mafia City

bender mafia city meme

When You Are Trying To Watch The Movie

bender movie meme

I Don’t Have Emotions

bender no emotions meme

I Am A No Fear Bot

bender no fear bot meme

Everybody’s A Jerk

bender philosophy meme

I Better Use My Special Robot Vision

bender robot vision meme

I’ll Start My Own Society

bender start own society meme

Technology Shall Taste The Lash Of The Hickory Switch

bender technology meme

Me Trying To Look Cool

bender trying to look cool meme

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