18 But Why Memes To Use During Maximum Puzzlement

18 but why memes to use during maximum puzzlement

This is the biggest mood. When something so unexpected happens, something that leaves you so incredulous that you just sit there unmoving for 3 seconds until you finally utter the questions that simply need to be asked with a look of utter defeat and utter disappointment on your face, “But, why? Why would you do that?”.

The image actually comes from Jontron, an online personality who is famous for a lot of hilarious skits like this. We’ve found a lot of great memes on this that you are sure to relate to. Just take a look for yourself!

My Brother

but why brother meme

Chess Engine Pointing Out That My Move Was Terrible

but why chess engine meme

We Dropped A Fridge Off A 45m Tower

but why dropped a fridge meme

I Legit Dreamt Of Female Thanos

but why female thanos meme

Life Exist

but why greek philosophers meme

Apple Falls From A Tree

but why isaac newton meme

Licki Brush

but why licki brush meme

When Your Mom Turns Off The Wifi

but why mom turns off wifi meme

When You Send In Moneko To Defeat Super Metal Hippoe

but why moneko meme

When A Pointless Crappy Meme Somehow Makes It To The Front Page

but why pointless crappy meme

The University Of Tokyo Has Built A Robot That Sweats While Exercising

but why robot that sweats meme

MRW I Learn There’s A Toilet-Themed Restaurant In Taiwan

but why toilet themed restaurant meme

Let’s Go To War

but why war meme

A Sequel To It’s A Wonderful Life

but why what a wonderful life sequel meme

Anyone When I Get A Zero On Something

but why zero meme

When The Imposter Is Being Suspicious

but why imposter meme

When People Leak Nintendo Stuff

but why leak nintendo stuff meme

You Need To Always Keep Your Mask On

but why keep your mask on meme

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