18 Adorable Pun Dog Memes

18 adorable pun dog memes

If you love puns and if you are a dog-lover, then you’ll love a Pun Dog meme. The Pun Dog meme is a macro of a handsome Klee Kai dog playing with a stuffed today. What’s most memorable about this series of panels is the canine’s funny looks. He appears exactly as if he were telling a bad joke.

Check out these funny pun dog memes.

A Hippo And A Zippo

Amazing Than A Talking Dog

Can’t Prove That Jon Is  Guilty

Dog Who Gave Birth To Puppies

How Did I Escape Iraq?

How Did The Chess Champion Pay

Is Schroedingers Cat Alive

I’ve Got A Lot Of Bad Puns

I Was Swimming In The Ocean

My Dog Has No Nose

Once He Pours Some Sugar

What Did The Dog Say

What Do You Call A Cow

What Do You Call A Dog

Where Do Cows Go For A First Date

Why Did The Snowman Call

Why Was The Stadium So Cold

They Didn’t Say Anything

Share a Pun Dog meme today. The jokes might sound lame but nobody can resist Pun Dog! Watch your posts get lots of likes with the help of this adorable canine.

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