17 Funny And Savage Dr. Phil Memes

17 funny and savage dr phil memes

If you’ve been following the Dr. Phil Show, then you know that this former clinical and forensic psychologist gives life advice to his special guests. These guests range from troubled teenagers and problematic adults. Dr. Phil’s occasional savage remarks are usually a highlight for the show’s fans. As a result, the show has spawned its own catchphrases.

Check out these funny Dr. Phil memes and see if you can tell from what episodes they’re taken from.

What If We Held Hands While Storming Area 51

dr phil area 51 meme

When Someone Calls The Arrow Red Instead Of Orange

dr phil arrows meme

The Moment You Realize The Division Symbol Is Just A Blank Fraction

dr phil division symbol meme

When Ur Friend Claims Fortnite Is The Best Game

dr phil fortnite meme

When You’ve Explained How To Play A Game For The Third Time Already

dr phil game meme

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

dr phil good things come to those who wait meme

When Your Friend Says Instagram Is A Better Source For Memes

dr phil instagram meme

Cashier Girl At A LEGO Store

dr phil lego store meme

What If I Put My Minecraft Bed Next To Yours

dr phil minecraft bed meme

So What Music Do You Like

dr phil music meme

When Your Parents Play Monopoly Competitively

dr phil parents meme

When You Beat Someone In Pokemon

dr phil pokemon meme

I Have A Problem

dr phil problem meme

When Your Fav Is About To Get Hurt And You’re Excited

dr phil scene meme

Why Don’t You Sit Down

dr phil sit down meme

My Teacher When I Do Anything Even Slightly Wrong

dr phil teacher meme


dr phil to the ranch meme

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