17 Avatar Memes to Save You From Feeling the Blues

17 avatar memes to save you from feeling the blues

In 2009, James Cameron’s film Avatar was released to rave reviews and impressive box-office performance. It surpassed Titanic’s Number 1 status as the highest-grossing film and stayed on the coveted top spot until Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

The movie goes like this… In the distant future where humans have already discovered territories outside Earth and still do what they’re good at, which is stealing lands, a group of conscientious people work together to save a local tribe from being eradicated.

There were lots of fighting, remarkable displays of technology, sad backstories, luscious extra-terrestrial jungles, and eventually words of wisdom that got the good guys what they deserve, which is to not die.

Avatar relied heavily on the use of motion capture techniques but its underlying social and political themes made it remarkably profound and relevant despite its sci-fi nature. And because Avatar is huge with many amazing scenes, the memes it generates are only natural progression.

Hitting the big screen over a decade ago, these 17 Avatar memes offer to refresh your memory with the special participation of Will Smith as the genie in Aladdin, because he just had to play everything.

Avatar 2 Special Edition

avatar 2 special edition memes

I Can Grant Any Wish

avatar aladdin memes

If You Watch Avatar Backwards

avatar backwards memes

Betray Entire Human Race

avatar betray human race memes

Mom Can I Keep Him

avatar can i keep him memes

Oh Yeah I Love Avatar Too

avatar captain america memes

Can We Haz Freeky Alien Cheezburger

avatar freeky alien cheezburger memes

The Fresh Prince Of Pandora

avatar fresh prince of pandora memes

Too True Fun Facts

avatar fun facts memes

Avatar The Office Version

avatar me memes

Mr. Bean

avatar mr bean memes

I Shall Call You All My Squishies

avatar my squishers memes

The New Avatar Movie Looks Hot

avatar new movie memes

Pocahontas But With Blue People

avatar pocahontas memes

You’ve Got Two Wishes

avatar two wishes memes

Man Plays Virtual Reality Smurf Game

avatar virtual reality surf game memes

On A Planet Filled With Blue People

avatar white dude memes

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