15 Sonic The Hedgehog Memes About The Movie

15 sonic the hedgehog memes about the movie

Who doesn’t love Sonic The Hedgehog? We spent so many hours playing the game as this blue speedy hedgehog collecting rings in record time. When the new games were released in the latest platforms, fans were always ecstatic. That is, until the trailer for the new Sonic movie was released.

It was just a jaw drop moment. And not for anything good either. Poor Sonic. Can we give him a makeover?? See the new vs old trailers. (The new and improved version comes first in the video.)

Now these below Sonic The Hedgehog memes make sense.

The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

sonic the hedgehog 4 horsemen of the apocalypse meme

A Battle Has Been Won

sonic the hedgehog battle meme

Bing Vs Google

sonic the hedgehog bing google meme

Our Blue Monstrosity Is 2019’s Biggest Joke

sonic the hedgehog blue monstrosity meme

Sonic Fans

sonic the hedgehog fans meme

Sonic Movie

sonic the hedgehog fixed by fans meme

Sonic + Gollum

sonic the hedgehog gollum meme

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Design To Be Changed

sonic the hedgehog movie design meme

Paramount Listens To Criticism

sonic the hedgehog paramount meme

The Pupil Can Expand Up To 55%

sonic the hedgehog pupil expand meme

Sonic The Hedgehog Reality

sonic the hedgehog reality meme

I’m Sonic The Hedgehog

sonic the hedgehog snickers meme

Director Says They’ll Fix Sonic’s Design For The Movie

sonic the hedgehog soul for a soul meme

If Sonic The Hedgehog Can Turn His Life Around

sonic the hedgehog turn his life around meme

Sonic The Hedgehog Upgrade

sonic the hedgehog upgrade meme

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