15 Funny Alexa Memes For Those Who Own The Echo

15 funny alexa memes for those who own the echo

Do you have an Alexa at home?

Unlike Google’s home assistant that adamantly refuses to be named, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has captured the fancy of everyone (regardless what home assistant they actually have). Sure we can ask Alexa to turn on the lights, set an alarm, continue our Netflix marathon, or tell us the recipe for spaghetti, but the most fun part is asking Alexa for hilarious things with the expectation that of course, Alexa can deliver.

Alexa, is Jon Snow dead?

Alexa, tell me something weird.

Alexa, drum roll, please.

Alexa, get me tickets to BTS.

Check out these funny Alexa memes.

Alexa Everywhere

Buy An Amazon Echo

Buy Me Something From Whole Foods

Dammit Alexa, I Said “Cheeses”

I Don’t Always Make  Fun Of Alexa

Why Am I Still Single

I Renamed Myself Alexa

Me: *Makes A Joke*

Next Time You Visit Someone

Remind Me To Feed The Baby

Hey Alexa, What Should I Do Now

When Someone Posts Something Sad

When They Get Mad At You

When You Have An Amazon Echo

When Your Baby Thinks Her Name

Did you like our Alexa memes? Do you have a funny story about your home assistant?

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