15 Dog Fort Memes to Unite the Dog Lovers

15 dog fort memes to unite the dog lovers

Dog, pooch, doggo, woof woof — what we call them have just gotten more adorable. It doesn’t matter how many socks they’ve shredded to pieces, their puppy eyes alone can make you instantly get over your grief. They can devour toilet paper all they want, make confetti out of trash and they’re still our number 1.

Dogs are also the best playmates anyone can ask for. They don’t care what the game is as long as they get to run aimlessly. But it’s not all games for our most loyal companions. Sometimes, they’re also sent on classified missions. Because as much as they need to bork, they also need to serve and protect.

Check out these 15 dog fort memes to see dogs chilling in their base camps while awaiting orders from General Lassie.

We Are Being Over Run

It’s Boris

I Thought He Said Bubbles

This Is Dog Fort

Come In Dog Fort

This Is Red Lobster

Red Lobster Standing By

This Is Snake-Eye

Finally Have My Revenge

We Need Tank Support

Requires Special Clarification

Do You Read Me

From All Over The Globe

Tune Your Wireless

I Am Batmax

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