15 Confused Black Girl Memes Because It’s Complicated

15 confused black girl memes because its complicated

The world is a massive pool of confusion. Things don’t make sense but they happen, one way or another. Stripes don’t go with polka dots but the next-door lady wears them anyway. You buy your cats fancy beds but they sleep on your face anyway. Soda’s entire list of ingredients are hard to pronounce but we drink it anyway. It’s a series of endless mishaps and bewilderment it’s a wonder how we can still do basic math.

These 15 confused black girl memes sum up how we feel most of the time living life and chasing pavements.

Add You On Facebook

Someone You’ve Been Calling

Can’t Find The Name

Ask A McDonald’s Employee


When Somebody Says

Nobody Ever Told Me

Your Username Was 9 Inches

When You Let Someone Look

Post Meaningful Political Post

When You’re About To Catch

Find A Really Good Song

You Ask The People

Uhh Okay

You Won The Lottery

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